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Welcome to the OTRR Group

      The OTRR Group is a community of enthusiastic fans, avid listeners, and strong supporters of “Old Time Radio". The group’s goals include restoring, preserving and sharing the classic shows from what is commonly known as the "Golden Age of Radio" (1930-1960). The OTRR Group, comprised of a diverse world wide group of volunteers, has undertaken many ongoing projects and continues to work hard to preserve our wonderful radio heritage.

    Our MISSION STATEMENT explains in greater detail our organizational structure and how we function. If you think you may be interested in joining our efforts, please take time to review this page.

    Below you'll find links to many of the various activities our group supports. Please take time to explore any or all the following venues. Everyone is welcome here

Project OTR.db Wiki OTR Art   Guest Map

   The OTRR Group has undertaken the mammoth task of trying to accurately catalog ALL OTR episodes.  Furthermore, they have made their database public and interactive through a program called OTTER.  Currently the db contains over 2,290 series listing over 212,000 episodes.

OTRRPedia is a web-based research tool.

   The OTRR Group is the major OTR contributor to the world wide Wiki encyclopedia. OTR enthusiasts find the “First Line Project” an invaluable tool for correctly identifying and labeling OTR episodes.    The OTRR Group maintains the largest collection of OTR Art anywhere. Historical images of radio celebrities, disc covers, and original art work are readily available and free to download.

   Please take time to place yourself on our OTRR Guest Map. We enjoy knowing where in the world our OTR friends are located.

Certified Series publications Radio Times HOTROD
   The OTRR Group maintains the largest, most accurate library of OTR series in the world. Each series includes many additional historic features (photos, bios, additional sound clips...) that have been diligently researched and are included for download.

  OTRR now has the largest collection of OTR periodicals on the net.
  Review and download copies of:
   OTR Magazines
istoric Radio Scripts
   OTR Articles
   Newspaper Radio Logs

   The "Old Radio Times" is the OTRR Group's monthly e-zine. Rich and detailed OTR articles are submitted by noted members of the OTR community. The current and back issues may be readily downloaded from the Times library.
You can listen to the OTRR Library through HOTROD: the Handy OTR On-Demand App.


The Old Time Radio Researchers (OTRR) website has a blog!  There you will find all the new information on what’s been updated on this site.  Our OTRR site has so many sections which we are constantly adding new materials to. The Blog provides a central location where you can view these additions and revisions which have been made to the site since your last visit.

Visit the Blog

We have two other great sites for you to visit. One is the a href="www.otrrlibrary.org">, where we have over 60,000 episodes for you to download for FREE, and the other is the www.otrrpedia.net, where you can find information on over 10,000 series and thousands of stars.

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